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regal needle-free vaccinator
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instruction manual




questions and answers:

application of the unit:

q.what is used to power the nfi-avi-50-100 and why?
nfi-avi-50-100 is battery powered. there is a highintensity spring inside the injector. the spring is compressed by an electronic motor and high precision ball screw. once released, the spring drives thepiston and makes the injection.

q. how many injections can beaccomplished with one
charged battery?
about 400-500 hundred injections can be accomplished with one charged battery,

q. how much does the
unit weigh?
the unit weighs about 2.5 kg.

q. how fast can the injector work?
once ready, the injector takes the shot instantly. it takes about 4-5 secondsto reload the drug.

q. how hard is it to clean the injector?
the injection head can be taken off for disinfection. the injection head canalso be dissembled and assembled as described in the user’s manual.

application of medication does the vaccine or medication get into the animal if there is no needle to pierce the skin?
the injector generates a high pressure stream to piece the skin. the principleis like water jet cutting.

q. how do you know if the medication is being injected to the right depth?
according to application, the medication is being injected
subcutaneously, hypodermis orsub-muscularly. however, the injection depth is not accurate, since the medication jet is quickly dispersed and absorbed.

q. how is the injector supplied withvaccine?
a 50ml syringe is provided together with the injector that can be used to store vaccine. the vaccine bottle can be also connected with the injector.

q. what is the highest dose that can beinjected and is it variable?

dependent on the application, different injection head is used for different injection dose. the current injection dose available is 0.5ml, 1ml and 2ml.

q. does the injector have to be incontact with the animal?
the injector has to be in contact with the animal in a perpendicular positionand be pressed slightly into the animal skin before injection

q. how do you know if an injection wassuccessful?
after the injection, keep press the injection head on the skin for 1-2 seconds until all the medication stays inside the body

q. is the injector limited to specificmedications and supplements?
all the water based medications can be applied.

q. can the
unit be used on humans?
no. the unit is suitable for quick and large scale injections.

q. do the animals feel anything?
the animals usually don’t have as large reaction as the needle injection does.

q. conventional needle immunology cancause abscesses and cysts. how does the
unit compare?
the needle-free injection can occasionally cause abscesses and cysts also, but if operated properly, the phenomena can be greatly reduced.

mechanical features

q. what is included with each injector?
the whole system includes an injector, an injection head, a battery charger,and a 50ml syringe, several wrenches and spare parts, and the user’s manual. durable is the injector?
if properly used, the injector is very durable. the piston o-ring may needs tobe replaced after 10,000 injections.

q. does the
unit orifice ever plug and if so, how do i unplug it?
the nozzle orifice is about 0.3mmin diameter. the nozzle needs to be put away properly to avoid plug. if plug, a tiny needle tip can be used to unplug it.

q. where is the
unit made?
the unit is made in china.

q.are parts and service readily available?

spare parts come with the product. we have one year free service warranty.

q. how much does the
unit weigh?
the unit weights about 2.5kg.

q. how accurate is the dosage metering?
the dosage accuracy is within 2.5%.

q. is there any risk ofcross-contamination between animals?
with needle-free injection, the contamination and cross contamination iseliminated.

q. does the
unit work on all types of livestock?
the unit works on all the animals that don’t have thick and hard skin, for example, piglet, sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. it is not suitable for

q. is the
unit difficult to use?
the unit is very easy to operate.


q. what are some of the advantages of using the
unit over conventional,hypodermic needles?
1) competitiveness of needle-free technology

2) biosecurity: decease infect through needles is eliminated.

3) enhanced efficacy: vaccine efficacy is improved by needle-free injection that exposes thevaccine to the dermal layer, rather than by passing this important tissue with a needle

4) safety: there is no potential for broken needle fragments in body

5) speed: labor costs are reduced in large-scale injection programs

6) worker safety: worker injuries from needle sticks and repetitive motion injuries are dramatically reduced

7) environmentally friendly: medical waste disposal costs are eliminated
8) reduced pain: pain is reduced by most of people when injection process delivers the drug dose instantaneously into the tissue.

q. why doesn't everybody buy one ofthese
the product is not well known and the cost is relatively higher than conventional needle injector.

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