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regal air fog system
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air fog system


printing / electronics /plastic industry / textile industry / paint / food industry / farm and garden /paper industry / poultry house / livestock/ mushroom house, etc.


1) the particle size only 5~10micron, it won't wet the ground .

2) four nozzles to make four direction spraying, the room and objects can get complete spraying.

3) the nozzle won't get blocking, since the air together with water spraying out from nozzles.

4) very convenient to install, no need any install tools, just just use hand to install. do not connect with the electricity directly, it connect with the air  compressor.

5) one fogger can spraying 100 square meters, very effective!


dry fog humidifier:
cooling temp
effective range:5~6m

dryfog humidifier :

providethe most comfortable and optimal weather condition for indoor(cooling, humidification and de-dusting ).

fourmajor effects:

1. cooling the indoor temperature

2. indoor humidification.

3. very fine particle size, only 5~10 micron.

4. high-efficiency dedusting


1. one unit can spraying 100 square meters

2. air powered, two atomizing spraying system.

3. high quality spraying particles, only 5~10 micron, avoid wetting the ground.

fourbig advantages:

1. quick and easy installation. just need to connect air compressor, you can easily start the spraying task.

2. the spraying scope and capacity are adjustable to suit for multi layer spraying task.

3. equipped with automatic temp and humidity control, it is the best solution for intelligent management.

4. maintenance-free design, long working life, it can always keep at a very good spraying condition.

air fog system, please kindly check below parameter on it.

1. specification forthe water pipe

nylon pipe with external diameter 8mm (not vary with the unit qty according to our current data).

2. specification for the main air pipe

- one set: pu pipe with external dia. 10mm and inner dia 6mm

- two sets: pu pipe with external dia. 12mm and inner dia 8mm

- three to four sets: pu pipe with external dia. 16mm and inner dia


- five to ten sets: ppr pipewith external dia. 25mm and inner dia


- above ten sets: ppr pipe with external dia. 32mm and inner dia


3. specification forthe branch air pipe

pu pipe with external dia. 10mm

4. specificationfor the air compressor

the key parameter for air compressoris the air displacement;

you can choose the right one according to this formula: air displacement = air fog system qty * 0.317

e.g: if you connect 3 air fog in one line, the air displacement need to be 3*0.317=0.95, then you choose the air compressor according this data.

5. themax and min temp the machine can take

- the unit: max temp be 150 degrees centigrade and min be 10 degree.

- our current water pipe: max temp be 100 degree and the min be 10 degree.

6. aboutthe installation

please find the attached picturesfor your kind reference.

should any other questions on it,please inform me freely.




poultry houses

egg hatcheries ( egg rooms/incubator and hatcher rooms.chick rooms)


our regal air fog system will support fogging:hydrogen peroxide, vaccines.

our regal air fog system can replace evaporative cooling pads.

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