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whole tray egg candling machine
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whole tray egg candling mahcine(for box type 192 incubator)                       


·         introduction

§  our egg candling can be custom made according to the egg trays requirement (e.g. 150, 176, 63, etc.).

§  equipped with very reliable automatic control system and our unique patented egg tray detector.

§  it uses energy efficient high intensity, low voltage long lasting led lights. it is user friendly and easy to maintain.

§  soft rubber receptor is installed on each hole (patented), and the tray height can be adjusted. this design solved the problem of light leakage due to poor egg size uniformity and minimized egg breakage, and maximized accuracy.

§  designed with a work light that only turns on when the candling lights are off. the work light automatically turns off when candling lights are in operation.

§  a clear glass may be installed between the led installation board and the light guide. this design allows for easy cleaning and disinfection.

§  the major structural components are made with high corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. this also maximizes heat dissipation and greatly extends the life of the led bulb.

§  this equipment is user friendly, high efficiency and cost effective, a must have equipment for all modern hatcheries with the box type incubator.

·       specifications:

§  operation conditions: temperature 10 – 40°c, humidity 20 – 70rh%.

§  power: single phase 3 lines 220vac ±10%, 50-60hz, led operation voltage 3.2vdc.

§  infertile accuracy: 100% (candling at 8 days).

§  electrical insulation resistance: > 2mq.

·       manufacturer warranty: 1 year.

·       equipment includes:

§  egg candling machine: 1

§  instruction manual: 1 (only in chinese for now).

§  spare parts: 8afuse: 5, extra silicone egg cups: 5, extra led bulb: 5.



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